Our Aircraft Structures Team are amongst the most highly skilled and highly trained in the world. Each Engineer has been industry trained and industry certified with their skill sets matched to the job.

With such a vast background of experience and knowledge of Aircraft Structures and processes of both large and small commercial fixed and rotary wing aircraft, no project is too big or too small. Replacing skins on a Cessna 172 or the spar a 747, we are on call 24/7.


As composites are now at the forefront of the aviation industry … so are we. Our highly skilled and professionally trained Aircraft Composites team has over 95 years of combined knowledge and experience in the Aviation industry both here in Australia and abroad. We specialize in;

• Hotbond Processes
• Pre pregs
• Metal
• Kevlar
• Carbon Fibre & Fibreglass type repairs.

 At Southern Cross Aerotech, our composite team constantly monitor and update their practices & processes to stay in touch and stay ahead.


Just as Aircraft Mechanical systems are wide ranging yet reliable, so are our team of Mechanical Engineers.

It could be a gearbox change on a Bell 212 in Victoria, A complete Heavy Maintenance “C” check in Vancouver or even as a flying spanner on Gulfstreams in Africa, our team of LAME’s & AME’s are there for one purpose only. To help you get the job done to the highest possible standard with the minimul amount of delay, downtime and maintenance costs.


The Avionics systems of aircraft have never been in more rapid state of change as they have been in the last 10-15 years and we know this. To us, aircraft comprises of a lot more than just a few wires and a battery. At Southern Cross Aerotech our Avionics Engineers are not only highly trained but also highly sought after around the world. Our team are skills set matched, have vast amounts of knowledge and experience and specialize in the following systems;

• Communications
• Navigation & Guidance
• Display and Flight management systems
• Sensing and Indicating Systems
• Weather radars and IFE systems